PORCHY - Drogon

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PORCHY - Drogon
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  • Длительность: 03:46
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  • Дата релиза: 30.08.2020
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Текст песни PORCHY - Drogon
Every time that I jump on a riddem I show growth
Everyday do the most no boasts
When I Pull up pull up I’m faded, jaded
I make moves, I don’t post, I’m ghost
I pattern up a ting and then I score it, pour it
Grab my bredrins and toast
Don’t deal with no booky boydem
Any funny business have to get roast
Okay now Its back to business
Aggy sickness
Jump on mic it’s like Astro physics
The stars align when I get ambitious
No bars decline when I’m acting vicious

Can you deep it?
He is not bad, don’t fucking believe it
Pree it, sweep it, leave it
Talking road but don’t breathe it
We don’t roll with no idiots
If it don’t make doh
Count me out cah I’m not involved no cap
If it don’t come from the soul
Lеave it out cah I don’t listen to no crap
Yeah I’m 30 yеars old i’m not on road
I ain't trynna get stabbed
But he is 30 years old and his still road
Can’t afford his own pad